CS5 Eclipsing Photoshop As We Know It

This is one of my latest pieces. I made it as an entry for a contest in a crazy attempt to win adobe cs5 products.

UPDATE: I won…

  1. Well, it’s not a terrible picture, but I don’t see how the fives enhance the image. I get that they’re required for the contest, but every detail should add to the picture, not take away from it. What is the green splatters at the top? What purpose do they serve? I thought they formed words, but if they do, it’s not clear enough. The rising sun in the lower third is good, I like the idea, but it’s not enough to explain everything else.

      • Michael Weekley
      • May 12th, 2010

      Those are some good points… it’s all stuff I can work with… fortunately I have four more weeks in this contest… It’s nice to have an honest friend with a critical eye… *evil laughter*

        • Michael Weekley
        • May 25th, 2010

        Then again… it did win…

    • Kraytn
    • May 25th, 2010

    Excellent. Congrats on winning week 1. Your entry can even be found via google. 🙂

      • Michael Weekley
      • May 25th, 2010

      Yeah cool… I tried to see how short I could keep the search and still be a top result… “eclipsing photoshop” is the shortest I could get it…

  2. Congrats on wining to bad you didn’t enter any of your “angel” art. 😀

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