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Declaration of Maclabian Rights: Article II: Right to Succeed

Every Maclabian, and human being for that matter, has the right to be successful at some point… Think about it… Maybe it was that poster that got up on the wall of fame… Or what about that app you programed for apple devices… I don’t know… But I am sure that this year, if you actually try not to be a Flatliner, you will succeed in class.


Declaration of Maclabian Rights: Article I: Right to Bad Typography

As a student of the Maclabian States of Skocko, I believe that all Maclabians have a right to bad typography… lol, just kidding, and now that I have your attention… what I mean when I say that Maclabians have a right to bad typography is that they have a right to know that something has horrible typography, see it, be mentally disturbed and taunted by it, and actually do something about it. Yes thats right do something about bad typography… find something and make it better… drop that Comic Sans MS and pick up the Myriad Pro… it’s the difference between 50 readers a day and 500…